send bluetooth message to phone

It is a newbie question but i 'm looking for a solution to send bluetooth messages to mobile phones in an small area around the transmitter. Is it possible with an arduinoBT?

Yes it is. What kind of messages do you want to send?

The tricky bit is the size of your messages - there is not alot of memory on the AVR. If the Arduino is to run standalone (ie not just operate as a PC peripheral) you may need to add on some extra memory.


For now it’s only for short text messages but it would be possible with an extension of memory to send music for example?
The client cell phone doesn’t need any special configuration?


I haven’t done this yet - it is part of my project - but you use the obex push mechanism.

The phone won’t need any extra config. That is, if it can accept a file from another phone via Bluetooth, it won’t need anything else.