Send command to Arduino Nano via websocket

Hi there, I'm new to Arduino and this forum so please go easy on me.

I have an Arduino Nano with some prebuilt commands on it, things like ECHO 1/n returns ECHO 0 in the serial monitor.

What I need to do is simulate this action within a web browser, presumably using websocket and ideally with a button click.

I have read through quite a lot of documentation and can't find anything similar.

Any help would be appreciated.

You probably need a different board that can run webserver or connect to one. Look for IoT enabled boards

Ok thanks for replying - the plan was to use this offline, with a local server solution like WAMP or Laragon, are you saying that wouldn't be possible with the Nano?...or just in general?

you need to provide more information

Ok this is for a museum piece. This has to be offline as there is no reliable internet.

Within the interactive there will be physical buttons which connect to the Arduino, this in turn will connect to a PC.

We'll be using a web browser on the PC to take this user input from the physical buttons and display information in the browser.

I was told using websockets was the best way to do this?

please elaborate more on how are you planning to connect Nano to PC

Via USB, It's a Nano Every

Nano Every is not Nano

Says nothing. Good luck.

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