Send data between sketches on ARM device?

I running Web Editor on an ARM device which supports multiple sketches running at the same time.

Is there a way to send data between 2 running sketches?


A more detailed explanation may be useful.
Have you installed the EDITOR PLUGIN on the arm devices or are you using the EDITOR PLUGIN to PROGRAM the ARM ?

Such as the YUN have a BRIDGE function to process data between the two main components of the board
That would normally be the approach.

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I'm using the ArduinoCreatePlugin with a BeagleBone and code/run sketches via the Web Editor.

With the Yun/Bridge as I understand its communication between the main CPU and a PIC?

With the Web Editor I can start up to 100 sketches on a BeagleBone and I want to transfer data between then if possible.

@Dacobi is using this feature of Arduino Create:

Is CREATE the ACTUAL editor running on the beagle or are you just sending sketches to the beagle ?

Also on the YUN it is not a PIC its an "AVR" which is a different beast.

Generally the idea of having lots of sketches running is to allow some form of terminal / server app at one end to receive data and sort those packets out as it arrives.

The beagle and raspi are often designated as some form of server to work with the data they receive from multiple other sources be they Arduino, ESP's etc. etc. that feed some form of sensor data back to them via Ethernet, serial, WiFi and so on.

Still not quite grasped what or how you want to do things.
Sorry for my lack of understanding here. :sob:

It's the same thing we discussed in this thread:

I write the code in the Web Editor and then send the compiled sketches to run on the BeagleBone

OK so it is more of a "beagle" issue than a web editor issue.
Glad we got that cleared up.

I have no idea how you multi task on a beagle but 100 sketches running at the same time does sound quite excessive.

What I was looking for was some kind of inter sketch communication API between 2 to 3 or so sketches.

100 sketches is the limitation of the Arduino Web environment.

And that is where you need to look at some other software to run on the beagle to facilitate the interaction between whatever you have sending the data ( other boards / sensors, etc. )

I think you need to look at what you want to do "exactly" and flow chart it out.

A single sketch is capable of reading multiple senors and a few comms routines along with other tasks in a sequential manner.

I think you may be misunderstanding something about what you want and what you can do with what you have.

There would be no hardware sending data, what I'm looking for is purely software like fx. in Linux you can set up shared memory that can be access between processes.

This will only work if it can somehow be implemented in a sketch/Arduino API.

An example would be to implement a "netprint" function that can be called from various sketches and then do the actual serial.print in the "main" sketch. Again, I'm not talking about network, but inter process communication.