Send data from Arduino to a Webpage via Bluetooth!

I am attempting to create a set of gauges on a website that are created in JavaScript. This part is done. I am trying to send information (Speed, RPM, Battery voltage, Engine Temp) etc from an Arduino to this web page using a Bluetooth module. I can get the Bluetooth module to send the data (a serial stream). But I have not been able to figure out a way to have the webpage connect to this Bluetooth stream. I am using a gauge from this website.., and could use some help here. I am looking for a very simple way to grab the Bluetooth data using a javascript routine in the webpage. Once the data stream is put into some kind of variable, I think I can parse it to send to individual gauges on my web page. The web page is a local web page that will only reside on my Android tablet. And of course both the android and the Arduino will communicate via a Bluetooth serial channel.

Any thoughts, questions, Help? Thank you in advance! ltetzner10

First, what you describe seems to be a PC programming problem and not an Arduino problem.

What is hosting your webserver? What language is that programmed in?

I have used Python Bottle to run a simple webserver and it is easy to interface with an Arduino using Python.


You can't just send data to a webpage, it has to be requested by the page, and the Arduino responds to the request.

Using JavaScript ajax calls from your browser app is really easy using something like Zepto or JQuery. Many examples out there. If you do not want those libs, there are also examples for vanilla XMLHttpRequest's (

In the Arduino you can package your data as JSON data. And simply reply to requests just as you do for other requests. So you'd send blobs of data, rather than a continuous stream.

Instead of using the response content-type header "text/html", you need to send "application/json".

There are also many examples in the ESP8266 realm as it is quite common to use Ajax/JSON for dynamically interactive pages.

If you want to get into something more advanced, you could look at HTML5 websockects to effectively achieve a stream of data. But that is a 'whole nudder' ball game, as it'd most probably require you to make some changes to the Arduino web server code.