Send data from Arduino using esp01, receive on laptop using wifi wlan

Hey everyone,

I'm trying to use esp01 WiFi module to send data to a laptop - is it possible? And if it is, then how?

I've tried to look online, but all I found was about using this module for connecting the Arduino to the internet - which I do not need.

I'd like to do something as follows:
• Use my laptops with local server (e.g. php and xampp) to create a host and to receive data
• Use an Arduino (UNO for now) with esp01 module to connect to the laptop's wlan and send data - integers and strings (no files)

Is it possible?
Any help will be very appreciated!
Thanks in advance :smiley:

If there is no WiFi router in between, the laptop needs to act like a WiFi access point (if supported by the laptop). The ESP can then connect to this access point and send data using UDP (packets) or TCP (stream). You could also let the ESP be the access point and have the laptop connect to the ESP and poll whatever data you want from the ESP using a HTTP server.

yes. see Arduino WiFi library

begin() connects to the access point using ssid/password

connect() connects to a PC and application identified by the port # on the PC