Send data from FPGA to Arduino chip


I created a design using quartus and SystemVerilog which I am running on the board's FPGA.

The FPGA does a computation and writes the result to pins D1-11 (the ones defined under // SAM D21 PINS in the template file) as follows:

counter ct (
  bMKR_D[11:1] // this is the output

I want to check that the FPGA is computing the correct thing by printing the output to the serial console.

But to do this, I must access bMKR_D[11:1] on the ATSAMD21 microprocessor.

Which numbers do I need to put in digitalRead() to get the data that I am writing? I tried digitalRead(1) ... digitalRead(11) but that didn't work.

Am I approaching this the wrong way?

Never mind, I found out.

The digital pins simply correspond to 0 through 14.

It didn’t work because of a different error when I tried earlier.