send data from rfid to a web server with JSON(REST ARI )

i have an arduino yun with integred wifi i dont know how to send data from rfid to a web server with JSON(REST ARI ) please help !!

the RFID data is from an arduino yun !!

ihebkhlifi10: the RFID data is from an arduino yun !!

Exactly. And that post in reply 2 shows how you could send it as JSON from the Yun to another computer. In the last block of code, it sends the string "123" to the script, which reads that string (from sys.argv[1]) and sends it as JSON to port 8080 on the server at

You will have to update that general idea to send the data you read from the RFID interface instead of sending the constant "123" and send it to the correct server and port instead of port 8080. Other than not knowing how to read from your particular RFID reader, and not knowing the address and port of your server (only you know those details) what part of that solution does not do what you want?

the code with it i send data as json to web with ip adress and port plzz help

The procedure has already been spelled out in this thread. We can't give more detail than that without more details from you: "the code with it i send data as json to web with ip adress and port" is not enough information for us to help.

The first step is to figure out exactly how to send data to that server, which depends very much on that particular server. If you don't know how to do that, we certainly can't provide you with any additional details. If it is a web server, there must be a way that you can send data to it using a web browser and an appropriately formatted URL. If you can do that, and give us the complete URL that does what you want to do, we can tell you how to write the code to do it.

But without A LOT more information, there is no way we can help. At this point, what you've asked is the equivalent of "Please write a program that does what I want, but I won't tell you what I want, you have to guess what that is."

okey i have arduino yun with it configured to connect to my house network and it s done ,and i have a RFID reader, the arduino board read the rfid information and send it to a specific adresse ip or to a simple php page after that i will create a page with design and ........ect clear now :) ?

ihebkhlifi10: clear now :) ?

Not really. One doesn't send data to a specific page, one typically loads a page and the page goes and gets the data. The difference is the viewpoint: who is the master and who is the server? The browser that is loading the web page is the master, and it accesses different servers to get the required data.

If you want to send data somewhere, you need a server there to respond to the request and receive the data. Do you have such a server? It sounds like you don't.

What is sounds like to me is that you want to have the Arduino read an RFID tag, and then use a web page to display that data. Is that correct? If so, the way you want to send that data sounds difficult and convoluted, and is not the way such situations are normally handled.

If all you want to do is to be able to display a web page that shows the last RFID tag that was read, the TemperatureWebPanel Example is a good starting point. That example has a web page, hosted on the Yun that makes a request to the Yun for the data to be displayed. The sketch catches that request, and returns a block of text with information including the current time, temperature, and some other statistics. The web page takes that information and shows it on the page. You could take that example and update the sketch to return information from the RFID reader, and change the page to whatever you want to look like. The unfortunate part about that example is that while it explains what the sketch is doing, it totally ignores describing the associated web page and how it does what it does.

If you really do want to send the data from the Yun to another server, and have that server deliver the web page, then you will need to know and provide a lot more information about that server, as the details of how to do it will depend heavily on the details of the server.