Send data over SoftwareSerial

Hey, hope someone can help me on this one, have a dateline on monday.
I have two arduino boards, each have 4 outputs (LEDs) and 4 inputs (Flex Sensors).
If i touch the four sensors on one device, I want the LEDS blinking on the other device.
First I made this working on one each board by doing this:

  //read values from the sensor
  inByte1 = analogRead(inPin1);
  inByte2 = analogRead(inPin2);
  inByte3 = analogRead(inPin3);
  inByte4 = analogRead(inPin4);
  int inByteArr[] = {inByte1, inByte2, inByte3, inByte4};
  for (int i = 1; i < 5; i++)
    if (inByteArr[i-1] == 0){
      myBTarr[i-1] = '1';
      myBTarr[i-1] = '0';

   mySerial.println(myBTarr);  //check array of values  -> returns 0000 or 0001 or 0011, 1010...

here the values return in a string, for example: 0001 which means, the last sensor is pressed

to maintain these values and connect them to the associative LEDs i put this string in a loop and read each character in order to pulse the LED

  // for now, read values from own device
  char *myString;
  myString = myBTarr;

 for (int j = 1; j < 5; j++)
      if (myString[j-1] == '1')
          for (pulsewidth = 0; pulsewidth <= 255; pulsewidth ++){
            analogWrite(LedSerie, pulsewidth);  
          for (pulsewidth=255; pulsewidth >= 0; pulsewidth--){  
            analogWrite(LedSerie, pulsewidth);  

all this works fine. But if i want to connect the two devices and handling each others values, i need a serial connection to communicate between these devices.
So i tried to do this with the SoftwareSerial class

  int rxPin        = 2;       
  int txPin        = 3;       

SoftwareSerial mySerial = SoftwareSerial(rxPin, txPin);

 //send the string to the other device

//read the values from the other device
char myString =;

//print the received values to check

if i check the printed values, i either get a 0, a weird symbol or my loop stops after four values and i don’t get any data anymore at all.
I recon, it can’t be that simple to just send a string over a wire and read them in.

So my questions are:

  • How do I send and read a string with four characters over a wire (two wires) using softwareSerial
  • what is the conversion of this string?
  • is it possible to both send and receive values at the same time?
  • should i rather use the TX and RX on the Arduino board instead of softwareSerial?
  • ideally i would skip the wires and replace them with bluetooth devices (two blueSmirfs)
    how do i send and receive this string over these blueSmirfs?

I don't know how to solve the problem, but I think one issue you're having is you need to check to see if there is information available to read, before you read it.

      if (Serial.available() > 0) {
            // read the incoming byte:
            incomingByte =;

The second problem is; only reads in one character at a time. I've been looking into the SimpleMessageSystem, but I haven't been successful at getting it to work.