Send Data to Arduino Using UDP


I 've just started using arduino and done some simple programs and progressing day by day. Now if anyone could help me how to sent send a simple string from a C# program to Arduino over the Ethernet using UDP protocols. Just a simple C# or VB.Net program and an arduino sketch could be very useful. I've been banging my head for a week or so.


For the Windows part of your problem ask in a Windows forum. The Arduino part is covered by the 'Ethernet' example "UDPSendReceiveString' in your IDE.

You might want to start with something simple. Try establishing a serial connection first over the usb and get a feel for what needs to be done on the PC side.

Dear DKWatson

I have done sending string to the Arduino UNO and using the that string I tried to move the servo motor. Now I wanted to do the same using the ethernet shield.

Dear All,

Thank you guys, pylon your feedback really helped me. The experiment to move the servo motor over t5he ethernet is working fine.