Send data via .NET application to arduino

Hi theren i want to send multiple data from .NET application C# to arduino. i wnt to send multiple float values. how can i program the arduino that receive multiple data Thanks

You need to decide what communication method will be used. The most common is serial communication, which doesn't require any additional hardware. Other options include Ethernet, WiFi, and Bluetooth, all of which will require additional hardware to be connected to a standard Arduino board, though there are boards that have any of those capabilities integrated.

i wnt to send multiple float values.

Why? The Arduino can't do anything useful with a float. Why floats?

If you use a serial communication, you can multiply this data of the maximum number of decimal and, when you receive them on your software, divide them. Unfortunately, with this implementation, the number is pretty big, so you have to split the data in different bytes.

Another option is to implement an your algorithm of floating point.

thanks for the idea. :) but how i send multiple values from my .net application to arduino ?

Have a look at the examples in Serial Input Basics - simple reliable ways to receive data. There is also a parse example to illustrate how to extract numbers from the received text.

It should be a simple matter to get the PC program to be compatible with any of the examples. The system in the third example will be the most reliable.