Send GPS data to server wirelessly (mobile)

Would the community have any advice on how to send (not receive) GPS data from an Arduino device to a remote server wirelessly (while mobile)? Yes, I would like Arduino device to send this information while mobile. There is a smart phone nearby, so perhaps I could explore using its internet connection or even SMS the GPS data. The proximity of the device to the server will vary, the proximity of the device to the phone (if needed) will be a few feet. I have looked into the Xbee Zigbee Shield, but am unsure if this will help me in this mobile application.

Thanks for any advice!

Thanks for that tip. I have never heard of APRS, and it has quite the history! I am researching into that a bit more. It does require me to have a Radio Operator's license, so that may be a hindrance. Any other types of ways for the Arduino device to connect to the internet and send send GPS info while on the move?

I have found these wifi shields: and then there is this for the iPhone: I am not really interested in jail breaking an iPhone for this or even getting into something vendor specific with phones though.

Sounds like what you might want is a GPRS (GSM) transmitter. The "Squidbee" is a GPRS shield for 71 Euros:

In addition to that you will need a serial GPS module.

An alternative is the free,, or software on a cheap pre-paid cellphone such as the Boost Mobile Motorola i296 for $50:

Once again, this is very helpful. This is a stellar community! Thanks.

GPS real time tracker using Arduino mega:

jimsall: GPS real time tracker using Arduino mega:

Using the NewSoftSerial library to implement two soft serial ports will eliminate the need to use an Arduino Mega just to get the three serial ports.

The GSM/GPRS module is $49. The "Evaluation Board" for it is also $49.

They also have the combination of the GSM/GPRS module and Arduino shield for $75:

To use the GSM/GPRS module you will have to provide an activated GSM SIM card.