Send HIGH or LOW signals from micro:bit to arduino using micro:bit pin 0

How can I send signals to one of arduino's digital pins from a micro:bit's 0 pin?


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What is the output voltage of the microbit?
If the Arduino controller has the same voltage then you can connect them directly together as long as you also connect both gnds together.
A 1K resistor in series between the two I/O will prevent phantom powering if one device is powered ON and the other OFF.

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My problem is solved after I connected the GNDs of them both.

BTW, what is phantom powering?


If you turn the controller that is inputting the data OFF, and the controller that is outputting is ON.
There is the possibility of that output data providing a power source to the OFF controller through the protection diodes that are fitted to the I/O pins.

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So there can be some damage to the off controller?


No, more damage to the ON controller as the output current may exceed the current rating for the ON controller.
Also phantom powering may make you OFF controller active in someway.

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Ok, thanks!

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