Send "" command through esp 8266

Hello, I had an esp 32 that switches on and off an led if I enter "" on my web browser Can I control the led from another esp 8266 connected to the same Lan with the serial monitor. All I really need is to put an HTTP request of "". but I cannot figure it out. please help me.

You want your second esp8266 to be a WebClient.... Look at the WebClient example in the Ethernet library. It also applied to wifi

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see the examples of the ESP8266HttpClent library

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you may like to have a look at my sketch here:
specifically the "request a web page" procedure at the end

With this procedure in your sketch you should be able to do it with the command:
String reply = requestWebPage("","/A",80,200,"");

Note: you may need to remove the "serialDebug" references

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thank u

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