Send i2c and analog sensor data from Arduino to FPGA basys3

I am trying to connect my multi sensor Arduino (with Sparkfun humidity sensor, DHT11, TSL2561, and an i2c OLED) where the value will be sent to FPGA basys3. But I do not know how to code it :frowning:
I have found several sources but they are just sending i2c data from Arduino to Arduino, not Arduino to fpga basys3

Just use the I2c example you found, and write code for the FPGA basys3 (Whatever that is).

There is basically no difference from a communication perspective.

  1. If the Arduino is the master, it will send data to the FPGA or request data from the FPGA. You will need to know what kind of 'commands' the basys3 supports.
  2. If the Arduino is the slave, study what the basis3 requests and what kind of replies it expects.

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