Send Keyboard Input via Arduino

Hi! Im trying to connect my Arduino to an old device via Serial with the RS232 Module, in order to continue the device expects me to input the command CTRL+A, do you have any advice in how to do it?

You need to use an RS232 to TTL converter to read the keyboard into the Arduino.

That might make toast of the Arduino. A TTL to RS232 converter must be used.

In C, you would express ctrl-A as "\x01".

I'm not sure what you mean by "input", as you did not specify the source.

Im already using a TTL to RS232 module, i was trying to use the function, but it seems that is only supported for Atmega32U4, and im using an Arduino UNO, my problem is that the modem im using connected to the arduino, expects me to input CTRL+A to resume some maintenance protocols, im trying to send that with the Arduino


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