Send keys to arduino

Hello everyone.

I want to create rsa keys with the command: ssh-keygen -t rsa on linux and send the private and public key to my arduino uno board. Later I will be using these keys to sign some data with.

My question is how do I send files? Where do I send these files to the EEPROM through Serial? I couldn't find any option to send files through Serial though. I am new to Arduino. I hope someone can help me.

You can probably use minicom to send files.

As writing to EEPROM is slow, you will probably need to make use of xon/xoff software handshake.

Not sure how big your keys are (if they will fit in the 1 kByte EEPROM).

Note that, to my knowledge, you only need one key to sign, not two; I'm not sure which one. The other side will need the other key to verify the signature.