Send LAN notification from Arduino to growl

Hi, Anybody think they can help here? I want to send a notification from an arduino via Ethernet, to a mobile on the local network. This network is only intermittently connected to the net, as it is onboard a ship. I am hoping to implement something similar to growl notify, and have it create the alert without going outside of the LAN. Anyone have any clues on how I could do this? Thanks J

I don't know anything about 'growl notify', but what sort of 'network' are you referring to and how is the mobile connected to it?

how is the mobile connected to it?

Intermittently. Didn't you read the post? Sheesh, some people's kids... 8)

Hi Peter, Thanks for looking at this. Happy New Year. The mobile could be either an Android, or an iPhone. The network is a Wifi LAN, and the mobile will be connected to it with WPA or WPA2. Currently I'm using a netcomm wifi router. The mobile will have a persistent connection to the wireless LAN, but the LAN, will only be able to connect to the internet intermittently via a Ku band VSAT. The internet connection comes and goes due to weather, or physical blockage between antenna and satellite. I have this working fine using Prowl, when I have the internet connection up, but it needs the net side to make the notification work. I have the Arduino send a non SSL email to Prowl, which sends the notification to the mobile. I need to do it all locally, so that I don't miss notifications if the internet connection is dead. J

I still don't know what 'growl' and 'prowl' are but I get the idea that it's some sort of mechanism that accepts notifications in the form of an email, and sends them to a 'mobile'. You haven't explained what method is used to send it to the mobile and I'm too lazy to try to look it up for myself.

Can you obtain and install your local 'growl/prowl' server? If not, you would need to understand how the delivery to the mobile works and implement your own server to do that.