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here is another xport/arduino webserver. this time with a webcam (sorta!)

Wow, that is pretty cool! Nice work!

awesome :D i'll try not to spam it :3

kidding ;)

that's very cool!!!!

when i stop being poor ( don't quit ur jobs to join the school track team ) ill have to buy one of those and have much fun!

Is this still running? I went to show it to a friend and can't connect.

a man can have his arduino connected to a screen and a camera for so long before he wants to work on other projects...

it got taken down so i could document it...

it got taken down so i could document it…

It’s hard to be disappointed by that. I’m looking forward to reading your tutorial.

Any updates on this, I am really interested to see how this works!

can anyone describe the projekt?

It was a a character LCD with a webcam pointed at it.

You entered some text into a web form and it would be displayed on the LCD, and you could see it with the webcam.

Shame it was taken down so quickly before people got a chance to view it. Is it going to be put back up at any time?