Send Midi message from Ableton to Arduino

Hi to all,
I’m trying to build yet another set of solenoids controlled by midi, but i’v some trouble.
i’m using HIDUINO + MIDI library (my pc recognize correctly as a midi device) and i control some MCP23017 (i2c extender) to drive the solenoid.
The problem is that with a simple virtual midi keyboard I can successfully send messages and play right the solenoids . While if I try to use a program such as Ableton, I can not address midi messages to Arduino, does anyone know how I can do?
Or driving rowing recommended a program for creating MIDI tracks convenient to be sent to arduino?

Thanks for the support
and sorry for my bad english


there should be no problem as long as you select the right channel. If you dont have a interface on your computer you can use usb: