Send mobile no from web server to arduino UNO

Hi, I am a newbie. Can someone please help me with the below query:

I want to send mobile no saved in a website to arduino uno using USB without any extra items like wifi / shield. This mobile number has to be utilised by GSM SIM900A.

It may be possible but without knowing what you have I cannot answer. Post technical information and links to all hardware devices. Have you considered ESP devices?

I am using arduino uno + GSMSIM900A breakout board. as of now i have hard-coded the mobile no to which gsm has to send a sms ) in my arduino code. all i want is to know how to feed this mobile no into this code this mobile no has to be fetched from a webserver GUI ie.,When i save the mobile no in the gui, the no should be received by arduino code. I hope i am clear. thank u so much.

How does your Uno communicate with the outside world? You said you don’t want to use a Wifi shied or the like. The default USB on an Uno cannot be used to read other devices, so no disk drives, keyboards, modems and the like. The Uno does have a serial port but what would you connect it to?

You’ve already tried contacting an internet server using this module : GSMSIM900A ?
How is the phone number stored on the web server ? In a MySQL database ?

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