send out a block of data from NodeMCU lIttleFS to remote PC

I have a NodeMCU monitoring my web connection.
It gets time from ntp and saves two lines of 132 chars of text to a file every 5 minutes.

I now want to add a facility to request to download the stored data to another pc on the local network.

I’ve looked through all the 8266 examples, but they all seem to use mDNS and I dont want to have to add Bonjour on every pc to make it work.

Probably my first choice would be to use http to get the data as shown in this example

or even use ftp?

all suggestions welcome.

mDNS works on my Win10 PC, and I can't remember installing Bonjour.
Had to on Win7 though...
The Linux multimedia PC didn't need it either.
Both running Firefox.

I do have a fixed IP address on all my ESP8266 devices, and a non-DHCP range for them allocated in the router.
A fixed IP is also needed if you want to connect with an Android phone.
Can also have both fixed IP and mDNS of course.

Do put this in loop() if you decide to use mDNS.
Does not work without it if you run the ESP8266 both as AP and STA.

I assume you have already read "A Beginner's Guide to the ESP8266" (DS18B20 project).

Thanks Leo: yes, I'm happy to use a fixed IP address. Most of the devices on my network do;

Should I set this up on my router to allocate a block of IP addresses that will be fixed?

I looked at the DS .. project

but it seems to use ethernet and just send odd bits of data, where I have a potentially large block to send.

thanks for the reference "A Beginner's Guide to the ESP8266"; there seem to be a few such but I found a 55page pdf that looks interesting (and complicated).

I think it connects faster if you allocate a non-DHCP range in the router (still a network noob here...).
I connect to my ESP8266 home automation dashboard in less than a second,
including loading the full web page from SPIFFS (LittleFS), with websockets.
mDNS sometimes takes a fraction longer.