Send "packet" Between Arduinos using Xbees with Digimesh protocol

Hello World!

We are two CS students from the University of New Hampshire looking for some guidance. We have two Xbees (series 1) configured to use the digimesh protocol via XCTU. We need a mesh network as we are working on making a swarm of robots. We are able to send bytes of data from a computer to the arduino using transparent mode. What we want is to be able to send “packets” of info from an Arduino to another, which can only be done with the xbee configured in API mode. However we are struggling to find any good resources that work with the digimesh protocol and sending packets of data. Could someone point us in the right direction? I’ve attached a photo of our setup!

With Thanks,

The Guys from ET-Navswarm

I have several xbee S1 (clients) sending data to a xbee (server). On the clients i'm using softwareserial to send raw data and at the server i'm using xbee-arduino library (GitHub - andrewrapp/xbee-arduino: Arduino library for communicating with XBee radios in API mode). It is aimed for S2 but it works ok with S1. What i suggest:

  1. connect xbee client to arduino and use softwareserial to send some strings. Be aware of level shifting, xbee ports are 3,3V, not 5V tolerant;
  2. connect xbee server to XCTU and check if you receive data ok

If ok on 2), connect xbee server to arduino and use xbee-arduino or other xbee library to get packages and extract the info.