Send program change through tft?

Hey people,

first: I don't own a Arduino yet but I'm very interested in buying one. I watched a bunch of videos on youtube about it and it seems pretty awesome.
The main thing I'm looking for is working with MIDI. Such as read out a potentiometer and send the value to LEDs and computer including MIDI feedback (computer sends MIDI back to Arduino and to LEDs).

I have an idea in my mind, which is having a display (TFT). I want to type (either with a virtual keyboard or with a data-wheel) in a name of a song, set a program change number and save it in a list. In the end I want to have my whole setlist on this TFT. I want to scroll through the list and by pressing a button, Arduino should send the specified program change.

Is that possible?

Thank you very much,

Yes it is.

Thanks for the reply.

Ok, THAT is nice.

I want to buy a starter kit to learn the basics in working with Arduino.

Are there good tutorials on the internet, how to program a LCD for this purpose? (Adding on screen midi elements, that send midi).

Thanks again,

There are libraries for sending data to an LCD screen.
There are libraries for MIDI stuff. I haven't used either.