Send R/F codes to a SP103e controller and RBG LED strip with Arduino

Any help will be welcomed.

I am trying to use an Arduino Uno with a R/F receiver/transmitter (FS1000A) to send control codes to a R/F controller. In other words, instead of using the push button remote, I want the Arduino to send the codes. I tried using a R/F "capture/reader" setup but I didn't get any data from the push button remote.

Any thoughts, or am I crazy...

I built an indoor climbing wall and want to use the Arduino to control the LED strip as a "reward" when the grandkids reach the top of the wall.

Not crazy, but a little naive. Just because two components use the same rf frequency does not mean they use compatible data encoding & protocols. Hacking a commercial system takes an experienced person with some specialist equipment or some inside knowledge, or a lot of luck.

An easier solution might be too abandon the RF side of things and wire the Arduino direct to the strip and it's power supply. Can you post some links to what you have?