Send R/F codes to a SP103e controller and RBG LED strip with Arduino

Any help will be welcomed.

I am trying to use an Arduino Uno with a R/F receiver/transmitter (FS1000A) to send control codes to a R/F controller. In other words, instead of using the push button remote, I want the Arduino to send the codes. I tried using a R/F "capture/reader" setup but I didn't get any data from the push button remote (SP103e R/f 12v).

Any thoughts, or am I crazy...

I built an indoor climbing wall and want to use the Arduino to control the LED strip as a "reward" when the grandkids reach the top of the wall.

First question is what frequency does the SP103e use as it might not be 433MHz as used by the FS1000A and in a quick search I could find no useful info.

Thank you for quick response. I was hoping someone had already "hacked" the sp103e and could provide details. I know how to connect the arduino to the led strip, but I like the patterns that the sp103e provides. For a quick solution, I think I'll just use the arduino and a relay to power the sp103e on/off. Thanks again.