Send/Receive str messages (arduino <--> flash)


I`m trying to send a message (ordinary string, like “id=14,hhmmss”) from Arduino to Flash.
I have loaded Firmata2 to my Arduino and I’m using the glue class at Flash.

this is the basic schema:
(FLASH <-usb-> ARDUINO (firmata2) + XBEE) <–radio–> (XBEE + ARDUINO2(code*))

  1. The red side sends a number (id) which is caught by the blue side.
  2. Blue blinks correspondent led and sends a message to red with the current time and blue’s id.
  3. Flash prints/traces something like: “connection id:blue and id:red at hhmmss”. (where blue, and red are the correspodent ids)

XBees are working fine. I can see they talking to each other. As I send a number using X-CTU’s terminal window, I get the response (in the same terminal window) the way I need.

NOW, THE PROBLEM: putting FLASH to work;

#1) Flash to send an id number so arduino can spread with xbee.
#2) Flash to receive serial message (string from arduino) to print/trace;


  1. this solves #1 above:
    Append at firmata code the line:
    int redID = 14;
    So it doesnt need to receive redID from Flash (what is wrong, indeed).

  2. cant solve #2 at all:
    I tryed to read something about Firmata.sendSysex, but couldnt figure it out. If someone could give me some directions that would help a lot.

*code: code in blue side is working. After receiving an ID (like “14”) it uses Serial.print(blueID,redID,hhmmss);

Thanks in advance,

another example to understand what I mean, in first step:

supose arduino running this code:

char* contact = "756,16,125241"; // "id1 , id2 , hhmmss"

void setup(){

void loop(){

Ok, now I need to print "756,16,125241" in a textBox inside flash. I don't know how to read the serial using the Glue Class and SerProxy =/ Couldnt find any samples over internet talking about strings... just digital and analog, etc...

If anyone knows the key, please reply ;) Thanks once more


A bump since I have sort of the same question. I'm using the SCL SDA connection at my arduino (QT100a sensors). I want to send a byte to Flash as an int..

----- Found this, but am unable to check whether it works now.. ----- Can I work with this to get what I want? sendString(const char* string) send a string to the host computer sendString(byte command, const char* string) send a string to the host computer using a custom command type

[u]Receiving Messages[/u] available() check to see if there are any incoming messages in the buffer processInput()

process incoming messages from the buffer, sending the data to any registered callback functions

Anyone who can help?



I'm not using Glue or Firmata anymore.

Instead, I found easier to compile my code within arduino and make it print data to serial (Serial.println(var) ...strings, ints, etc...). Than I use serialProxy to let flash talk to arduino, with flash appending this class :

See if works with you! Btp~

Hi Bontempos,

I’m already communicating via Serial (57600 baud) with SDA & SCL, how can I also talk to flash in that case?



Hey DonDon,

sorry, I never tried this way... but theorycally should be almost the same. I understand you're using pin 4 and 5 to talk to cpu instead of using usb port. Yes?

Have you ever tried to talk to flash via usb and get it working with serproxy + some flash class to interpret serial I/Os? I wish to know if the problem may be with the wiring, or with the cpu(flash communication) because maybe serproxy wont work in some cases, I dont know.