Send Sensor Data from Ardunio nano 33 BLE to Arduno Mega 2560


I am a beginner and I want to send the the data from the onboard sensors of the Arduino nano 33 BLE to my arduino Mega 2560. I connected the RX from the nano to the TX of the mega and the TX from the nano to the RX from the Mega. In addition I connected both Ground pins. Because the supply operating Voltage on the nano is 3,3V and on the Mega it is 5V I used a Level converter between the connections. Both are supplied with power from the PC.

The problem now is that the Arduno Mega does not get any data from the arduino nano. Do you have an ideas what i might have done wrong?

what pins are you connecting on the devices ?
in particular some mega clones have the TX and Rx pin labled the wrong way around

Perhaps you have connected the level converter the wrong way. Meaning the nano is getting 5v signals and the mega is getting ~1v signals and doesn't get triggered.