Send sensor data to Google spreadsheet without using a third party cloud


I need to save a record of my sensor data in Google spreadsheets over Wifi. I have an MKR1000 board to do that and I have tried using IoT services like PushingBox to write to google sheets. But eventually I need to write very often to the doc and third party clouds have limitations in either the frequency of writes or daily number of pushes. Is there any way that I can write to google spreadsheet every 40ms (i.e. with each arrival of new data)? and in general how slow is sending data to a Wifi server?

What are other ways to have a log of data and Wifi access/storage?

Thanks a lot for your help!


Did you get a solution for this yet?

I would offer that you could store that data locally, on an SD card [ huge card] and then access the device as a web page to display the data.

40mS posting is way beyond the daily limit of all the free services I am aware of. most limit to about 50,000 posts per month. there are 43,200 minutes in a month, so that is way slower than what the OP was looking form

possibly use an RPi, with a hard drive as your local web page and data storage,.

or to expand on dave-in-nj 's comments...

maybe store a 'snippet' of data... and after 100 loops/logs..etc then you use your free service to dump a bigger data dump?

I mean do you really need to WRITE the data every 40ms? Or just collect data every 40ms?

Free cloud services aside... I dont think you can even write/complete an HTTP header call in 40ms using wifi!!

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