send serial monitor data from ESP32 board to Raspberry PI 3 B+ via Bluetooth?

Hello guys how are you doing ?

so I'm currently working on a project from long time ago that was devastating and depressing for me , i will tell you the idea and what progress I made through the past 6 weeks and see if you can lead or help me ,,

so the idea is I'm currently connecting esp32 Arduino board with six senses , 5 of them are flex sensors and one of them is the mpu6050 sensor which reads the angle of x y and z
I was able to connect those sensors to esp32 and read all the values on the serial monitor as you can see below the code and the serial monitor ,

now my next step that I didn't know how to do is :

I want to send those data, the serial monitor data continuously every 6 second to raspberry pi via the Bluetooth of the esp32 to the Bluetooth of the raspberry pi in order to program those data , i want to program those data to an LCD and a speaker ,

For example if I received the following values from the esp32 I want the Res pi to put a certain word to the LCD screen and and then convert it to speech through the speaker , I already connected the LCD to the raspberry pi. , but now how I can send the serial monitor data continuously to the pi so I can program it

Whats-App-Image-2019-10-15-at-11-44-33-PM — ImgBB this is the serial monitor data

i was able to connect the esp32 to the pi and i can see the data if i use in the terminal and wrote cat /dev/rfcomm0 , do u have any idea how can i use the data now to start writing a program ex. if you received this value from the Bluetooth terminal i want you to print in the LCD this word and to the speaker this word