Send sms after electricity drops/power loss

Hi guys,

I'm completely new to ARDUINO and was hoping someone would help me. I am an electrician with some electronic knowledge but unfortunately no programming knowledge so i was hoping you would be so kind as to assist me with the "sketch" (hope its the correct term.

I have a 220Vac/24Vdc power source and need the ARDUINO to send an sms when the power is off/trips.

I have an ARDUINO UNO as well as GPRS shield. more than that i have no idea on what to do and do not have much time to get this done.

would someone be willing to help me with this?



There is a Gigs and Collaboration section on the site. Here people will help you if you have a go yourself and hit a problem.

What you are trying to do is possible. Obviously the Arduino will need to be battery powered and situated where it has reception and can send an SMS.

That battery could be a supercap - which can power the thing long enough to send out the alert (10-30 seconds should be enough).
In normal situation the device operates off the 24V supply (through a buck converter) which charges the supercap, and provides a signal to the Arduino so it knows whether the power is on or not.