Send Text Between LabView & Arduino

Hello ,

Briefly , I have a Wireless Sensor Network - WSN - to Monitoring Patients Health , and I am using The LabView as a Monitor at a Gateway .

I want to make Patients Information - Set Up - in LabView , to recognize each patient in WSN nodes .

So , I want to send ( Patient Name , Gender , Age & Date ) from The LabView ( Set Up ) to save it in Arduino ( WSN - nodes ) , and then read it in LabView ( Gateway ) from The Arduino with the others E-Health Sensors information .

Can any one help me , What will I must do in LabView & Arduino to do that ?

And if any one have another idea to do that , I will be thankful to him .

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your story is not clear to me, can you make a drawing? Are the WSN, Arduino based or do you want to make them arduino based?

Is the communication between Arduino and labview wireless?

How do you prevent uploading the data to the wrong node? There must be (multiple) cross checks in such system to prevent the doctor will amputate my wrong leg or worse....

Is this a commercial or school project or ...?

Hello ,

Yes , I am complete reading all sensors by interfacing the Arduino with the LabView .

I have three nodes , each of them has Arduino, E-Health Sensors and Xbee .

And my Laptop ( with Xbee ) will be a Monitor for all Patients ( nodes ) by using LabView Program , and that is a Gateway .

And I want to insert ( Name , Gender , Age , Date ) information for each patient .

Then , when I want to Show ( Monitor ) any Patient ( Node ) , I will Read ( See ) its ( Name , Gender , Age , Date ) information and its Health Status .

Yes , When I solve this problem , I will do Alarm to the Doctor .

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but you can link a node number to a { name, gender, date, #legs etc } tuple in the laptop. You do not need to send that information to the node itself.

If a node has an unique number (it 's xbee address?) you can use that. is probably simpler too.

Please Mr. robtillaart ,

Can you explain your idea ?

I am using ( serial available ) to read serial port , and called the Three Nodes ( 1 , 2 & 3 ) respectively .

How can I Write and Read Patient Information ( Name , Age , ... etc. ) in LabView , for each node ?

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Welcome Mr.robtillaart

Thank you very much for your nice responses .

I Solved my previous problem by ( Calling Excel File ) .

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maybe you can post your final solution for future reference for people having a similar problem.'