send text messages (sms) to screen connected with arduino

hello im trying to create a system that would allow me to send text messages (sms) to a screen all connected to my arduino, is all this possible could someone give me a hand? link-videos-materials needed! desperate!

If you just want to display the text in a 16x2 LCD, like if it were a pager, an Arduino Uno can get the job done. You'll probably want to use the NewSoftSerial Library to emulate an additional (software) serial port, and keep the hardware serial port available for USB-serial communication with your computer.

The Arduino Mega, on the other hand, gives you 4 hardware serial ports, which makes it more reliable, and also has much more memory, allowing you to further personalize your display.

Also consider if it's a temporary or permanent project, in which case the Mega might be a bit of an overkill, unless you're planning on expanding the SMS display to a whole other level (like adding lots of sensors, buttons, leds, other LCDs, and so on). For the sole purpose of SMS displaying, the Arduino Uno itself would be left with a lot of unused/available pins.

You'll also need a GSM shield, And a GSM antenna, Or, alternatively, a cell phone that supports RS-232 (requiring a MAX232 IC) or TTL communication. In that case you'd need to make your own wiring, soldering, etc.

And an LCD display, for instance

Regarding the GSM shield, I'm working on one of those right now, so if you have further questions feel free to ask. I also have an LCD display extremely similar to the one I suggested, but I'm yet to get started with it. I'd recommend that you take some time to look around, eventually Google some of the keywords that I wrote.

P.S. I'm posting sparkfun links just because it's easier for me to provide you with example products, although there are similar alternatives from other manufacturers. If you live outside the US, Arduino Distributors ( usually have Arduino-related products/electronic components from several manufacturers.


thanks man i ill have a look in trying to connect an old phone instead that shield seems expensive!
what project are you working on?

Yup, the GSM shield isn't the cheapest solution.

The thing about using a phone is that I wasn't able to get a reliable source as to what phones have TTL / RS232... Once the phone dies (that can happen, especially when it's an old one), you'd have to look for a replacement. If you can't find a phone of the same model, you may have to change a lot of your code in order to correctly interpret the different responses from the replacement phone.

Since I'm building a solution that could be used in more than one place, I'm sticking with a product currently in production, rather than a discontinued one.

My current project involves remote temperature monitoring and alert via SMS.

Cheers, footswitch