Send touch event to ipad

hello people,

my first time here .. wish everyone a great new year. I am a app developer (android -ios).
What i need help with..
I have an augmented reality app where you shoot some zombies on your table. I have mounted a iPhone to a Nerf gun , so the user gets the feel of playing, i now need to send a fire command(touch event ) to the iphone. I belive that such communication can be made possible using the arduino .
I have the arduino mega 2560.. is it possible to send the touch to ios?

has anyone tried something like this here... plz give your suggestions.


i now need to send a fire command(touch event ) to the iphone.

A "touch event" on what?


thnx for replying ...
sorry i dont follow your question...let me explain

i have a fps game, with a gun shown on the screen. touching the screen fires the gun . the game itself is made with unity.
i need to fire the gun using arduino ...
there are some products like the hex3 apptag which do similar things.


touching the screen fires the gun

Touching the screen on the phone? That "touch event"? That is the "touch event" you then want to send to the phone?


thnx again for replying..
ok .. let me put it another way.. can i send a command to an ios app? for example i have an ios app which has a command called helloworld..can i call that command from the arduino?


can i call that command from the arduino?

I'm not sure how this relates to having the iPhone fire the Nerf gun.

I've got a RedPark serial cable that connects to the iPhone and the Arduino, that allows sending serial data back and forth between the iWhatever and the Arduino.

Unfortunately, I don't have a Mac. My son does, but he moved into his own place and took his Mac with him, so I can't build iPhone apps any more.

An ethernet shield on the Arduino, with the Arduino as server, would let you control the Arduino from the iPhone/iPad/iEtc. (or any device with a web browser).

i now need to send a fire command(touch event ) to the iphone.

Are you saying that you want the Arduino to send a simulated screen touch to the iPhone so that (from the perspective of an app running on the iPhone) it appears that the user has tapped the screen? If you have control of the app (i.e. it is your code and you can change it) then you could add code to communicate with the Arduino and receive event notifications from it which you could treat like screen touches. If it's a 3rd party app outside of your control then you would need some software on the iPhone to receive the event notification and generated a synthetic screen touch event, so that (from the perspective of the app) it would look as if the user had tapped the screen. This is quite easy to do in Windows but I don't know whether it's possible or how hard it would be to do in IOS. If it's possible I suspect somebody will have done it by now so Google will either get you a solution, or tell you it's not feasible.

hey paul,

sorry for not replying before..was travelling..
have looked up the cable and maybbe i could use that to send the serial data

hey peterH,

that is exactly what i wish to achieve... i have seen some videos of people doing things to an android phone using arduino... so i guess its possible .. most people use high frequency audio to do similar stuff.
as for the app, its my own so i have complete control over it, i dont know if the game engine (unity3d) supports arduino interfacing.. am figuring that out..

if you guys think of anything else, plz do post it here. Ill update my progress/data/research here .