Send values from laptop/pc to several LilyPads

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this is what i'ld like to realize but i'm not sure about the architecture:

I want to generate RGB-values on a laptop/pc (preferably a programm that is coded in c/arduino). Those values shall be sent or broadcasted to all LilyPads (or even better to individual LilyPads). The code that is executed on the individual LilyPad therefore rely on the values each LilyPad gets from the laptop/pc.

How can i achieve this setup? I heard about XBee. Do you think this could fit my needs? Are there any other approaches?

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(btw: arduino is just an awesome platform - so much fun)

Yes, XBees would be a good, if not inexpensive, solution. The series 1 modules are point-to-point or point-to-multipoint. Using an XBee Explorer USB, you can send data from the PC to an XBee which would broadcast to all other XBees.

If the message was, for example, <A:23, 45, 128>, all XBees that received the message would pass it along to the Lilypad, to set the R, G, and B values to 23, 45, and 128.

If the message was <3:45, 77, 100>, all XBees would pass that message to the Lilypad, but only Lilypad #3 would react to it.

So, with some creativity, you could figure out a way to send messages to be acted upon by more than 1 Lilypad (<1,3:R,G,B> of <2-5:R,G,B>).

Thanks to your informative answer. Did i unterstand right, that i need a Xbee module for each LilyPad module i'll use? So I have to link each LilyPad with it's individual Xbee module?

Is there another possibility to sent data to LilyPads? I heard something about Don't know about their concept right know but I'll have a look.

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So I have to link each LilyPad with it's individual Xbee module?

Only if they are not near each other.

You haven't stated where the lilypads are in relation to the PC or to each other. Are they all in the same room, on the same item of clothing etc etc.