Sending 1MB file via Serial (XBEE?)

I have to send 1MB file from pc to arduino WITHOUT cable connection.
It means that I have to use wireless protocol and I have XBEE 2.4GHZ
I am using 115200 BaudRate but transferring 1MB file takes huge time.

Do you have any idea guys? How can I transmit that data?

How much time do you calculate to send the file? How is reality different? The baud rate is only between the PC and the XBEE device.

It takes more than 2 minutes Paul. I can send it sucessfully but I am looking for more creative, more simple way to do that…

I asked for your time calculation for sending 1MB at 1152 bytes per second. Of course it's longer than 2 minutes. What are you expecting it to be?

Paul , I know this way and I am using it allready but the main question

The most easiest way and etc..

If not using Serial at 115200, then you can look at wifi etc, but the interface to the radio will still be limited by the serial interface speed.

You could step up to a more powerful processor with a better TCPIP stack, then you’ll get more throughput.

This is the kind of thing that is considered during the design and selection of components.

What does the Arduino do with all that data?

Datas will saved immediately in to the SD card

And what then happens to the data, what is it used for ?

Byte data saves into SD card after that nothing else will be happen.

Then why do you send it?

Because its competition requirements they want to see 1MB file saved in the SD Card

Do you have to do all the coding ?

Whats the prize ?

Competition is not only restricted with sending 1MB file its only one part of Requirements . Whole competition about model satelleite like CanSat

If the objective is to simulate the transfer of a file from a CANSAT (simulating a small satellite) to a groundstation (the PC) there there is quite a lot of complexity invloved.

Apart from WiFi, which does not have the range there is not much around thats available to you to transfer files at much more than 1Mbs.

It all depends on what range\distance you need.

Remember the more you are prepared to reveal about your project the better the answers you will get.

1mb seems like a lot of data for Arduino to handle. What are you trying to do?

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