Sending 2 Channels of ADC to UART

[u]Info[/u]: I'm sampling data from two inputs (12 ksps/ch, 8bits). I want to send data from both channels to the PC using the UART interface. I can successfully send data from on channel, but I need help choosing the best method for sending data from both channels.

[u]Problem[/u]: How do I "package" the data properly for a fast and reliable transmission? When dealing with one channel I simply send one byte of data per sample. If I loose a sample...not the end of the world. I'm considering the following options for sending data for two channels, but I am quite sure these are not the proper ways.

Option 1: Send data serially (i.e. - ch1,ch2,ch1,ch2,...). However, if I loose one sample the whole transmission is corrupted.

Option 2: Send one byte of data that contains channel information before sending the actual channel data. This doesn't seem efficient in keeping data rate low.

Option 3: Build some kind of package in a buffer. Send the package and have the PC check if it is correct using CRC or something. I don't know how to do this one, but it makes sense.

The simplest method is some known separator between values, like ch1, ch2, ';', ch1, ch2, ';', etc.

Read three bytes. If the third is not the separator, read and throw away data until you get a separator. Now, you are back in sync.

It helps if the separator is not a valid byte value, but that can't always be ensured.