sending a jpeg image stored in sd card using gprs module

is it possible? and how to do it?

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I doubt if an Arduino will, but I'm not a GPRS expert.

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okay i was unaware of the rules of posting and i apologise for cross post but i desperately need the answer on how to do it

but i desperately need the answer on how to do it

Can you send data to your gprs module?
If you can then just read each byte from your SD card and send it.

However I suspect this is not actually what you want to do but your idea of what you need to do in order to accomplish what you want to do, which, at the moment, you are not sharing with us.


  1. Your module connect to GPRS network (not GSM)
  2. Your SIM and your GPRS network allow internet connection.
  3. Yor Arduino GPRS board library allow internet connection

you can send an image. Maybe using FTP. Maybe using e-mail but today most provider uses cryptography and Arduino has not the power to handle it.

The best way is to read carefully the library examples.