Sending a Packet which was captured with Wireshark

Hey everyone,

First of all, I have to admit that I sadly have almost 0 knowledge about the network stack topic. Can somebody help me on this one ?

So my Goal is to “simply” move a Motor with is connected to a “SIEMENS CU305PN” with an Arduino with an Ethernet shield (W5500).
So I captured a packet with Wireshark (the hex dump is down below) while I send a parameter with the included software.

Is it somehow possible to replicate the same packet with the Arduino ethernet shield? Or is my approach completely wrong ?

If it is possible sending a hex dump “Raw”, does someone have an example?

0000 00 1f f8 19 ce 02 40 b0 34 0b ea 26 08 00 45 00
0010 00 51 b0 6e 40 00 80 06 c8 80 c0 a8 00 03 c0 a8
0020 00 64 d1 af 00 66 91 3b 55 50 00 03 1b f6 50 18
0030 02 01 36 eb 00 00 03 00 00 29 02 f0 80 32 01 00
0040 00 5d 00 00 0e 00 0a 05 01 12 0a a2 06 00 01 00
0050 02 03 48 00 00 00 04 00 20 00 00 00 00 00 00

maybe instead of reverse engineering what's going on the wire you should look at PROFINET

there might even be a library for arduino, a quick search showed this Profinet-for-Arduino

Thanks for the answer ^^
I already searched for libraries like this :frowning:
The problem is that if I would use libs like this, I would have to use a whole PLC from SIEMENS, and they cost a lot, to translate my instructions from the Arduino to the Inverter.

I've not looked at the library. Are you saying it does only talk to a PLC?

To your original question, sending raw bytes over ethernet is possible but understanding the protocol and answers from your units would be necessary if you are doing any real work (I assume you wouldn't play with a CU305PN if it was not a "serious" application)

at least to my knowledge :confused:
yeah it is not serious at all XD It is only for fun.
if it was I wounded be allowed to use a normal Arduino at all XD
So just sending things would be enough.
do you have an example ?
Tanks ^^

i would use UDP. here is a first hit on the forum

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