Sending a text message in Australia

Hi guys

Im a little new to the wireless side of things, and im not sure how to connect to the internet without a router.

My project is to send a text message from an arduino uno when certain parameters are triggered.

My problem is im not to sure on the hardware i need to send the text message in Australia. A lot of the products out there operate on 2G and im going to have to use 3G (as it will be hosted in central Australia).

I have been looking into this shield its relatively cheap and new to the market.

I'm just not sure what im looking at to confirm that it will work on Telstra's (telco) 3G service??

if anyone has any insight or advise as to what I should to make sure it will work before i buy it that would be awesome !



The gsm module (never checked out the link) will accept a 2g maybe 3g sim but will only operate on gsm and you should not have issues, you may want to contact telstra and explicitly tell them as they may send out a different sim?