Sending an array from MATLAB to Arduino

Hi all!

I am rather new to Arduino and also to MATLAB and I would like to ask for help.

I developed a code for the arduino, which reads serial input data, and stores the integer values in it.

It works perfectly when I write all numbers in the serial monitor (seperated by commas) and send it as one.

But I can not make MATLAB to send a similar message (multiple integer values, seperated by anything).

(My probe array what I copy-paste in to the serial monitor is the following:

Here is my Arduino code:

void loop()

  if (Serial.available()>0)                 // Process incoming message if serial data available
      for (int i=0; i<41; i++)              // Load the 34 integers to the temporary array.
          SERIAL_DATA[i]=Serial.parseInt(); // parseInt() function loads first valid integes.
        }                                   // Numbers may be separated anything other than numbers.
      for (int j=0; j<41; j++)
          Serial.print("]= ");
      while(Serial.available()>0)           // Reads out leftover data (like: '/n', etc.).

How can I send the same (or similar) message to my arduino?
(If I am correct, my code only needs 41 integer values, seperated by anything other then numbers.)

Thank you very much in advance!


Have a look at the examples in Serial Input Basics. They are simple and reliable. They receive all the data before trying to parse the data. There is also a parse example that could be adapted to put your values into your array.

If you have the choice use the style of data in the 3rd example for maximum reliability.


I hope that you've noticed that this is NOT the Matlab forum. Your Matlab question is better asked on some other forum.