Sending and receiving arrays by arduiono ide

I want to recive a long array of ints (data) from an arduino and save it in a file or something in my pc and then whenever i want، resend it in one time(one after another) to arduino and save it in an array by a for loop.
I think the only problem is the ide because as i know the arduino official ide doesn't support the ability of receive and saving to a file، nor sending from files.
So please suggest the best interface for arduino that supports this feature (and even more! )

Most of the terminal emulation programs such as Realterm and PuTTY can save the received data to a file. You can use them as an alternative to the IDE's serial monitor.

I suspect if you want to send file data to the Arduino you will need to write your own PC program so it can pass the data in packets when the Arduino signals that it is ready for more.

This Simple Python - Arduino demo should give you some ideas.

The Python code should work on Windows if you edit it to use the Windows style of COM ports.

Of course you could also write your own PC program to receive data from an Arduino and save it to a file or to do both - receive and send.