Sending ASCII text over ethernet

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I’m trying to send plain text over Ethernet so that I can use it as overlay on my camera box.
(particularly temperature, humidity, etc)

here is document explaining what I’m aiming for:

I’ve just started to toy around with my EtherTen & sample web server code and even though I can see some of the text when looking at the packets, my camera box won’t pick it up as a ‘raw data’.

another issue I have with the sample code is the fact that there must be some kind of handshake with a web browser to initiate the data transfer. If I don’t pull the web via the browser and only point the camera box to the web server to listen, I will find only ARP broadcast and no further packets.

is there easy way to modify the sample code to send ASCII text instead?

I’ve been researching this for a while but haven’t found anything similar.

Ooops, the link to the document is wrong.
I’ve attached pdf version.

kbdl.php.pdf (168 KB)

OK I've been playing with this for a bit & I'm seeing the same over and over.

The TCP packets sent from Arduino are always fragmented and seem to get reassembled at the client end. This is done by the Arduino Ethernet library? Is there simple way to transmit the temperature in plain text & in one packet?

Every call to client.write, client.print, and client.println creates and sends a packet.

Using the F() macro with any of these functions makes things even worse. Then it sends every character in its own packet.

Thanks Tim, that makes sense

I’m very new to arduino & coding and since there is no example that would break the barrier of possibility for me, I think I will need to ditch this.