Sending bytes to arduino from terminal tester software

Hi all

I am brand new to Arduino and am loving it so far. I have put together a shift register circuit and aim to control a set of leds based on a byte of data sent from arduino. Essentially I switch each led on and off by changing the corresponding bit in the data that is sent to the shift register. I have the circuit working fine by sending hard coded data from within the arduino code and now want to test by sending data from the test terminal client before adding it to my c# program. If I send a number from the client eg 123, I see it reads it as 3 characters 1 2 3. How can I read this as a number or send byte data directly from the client?

Any help is greatly appreciated as I cannot seem to get my head around this.

Thank you

I think this is a good old thread that covers it.

Yes it does... thank you

Have a look at serial input basics including the parse example.