sending changes: max-Spark Fun RGB LED matrix

I have been able to apply changes to this LED matrix via updating/uploading a sketch. It is hooked up to my arduino via SPI.

Also, I have managed to set up maxuino and toggle an LED.

I would like to put together a method for sending different values for each point on the grid. What I think I need is a method of sending a list from max to the this serial device. What I am not sure of is how.

I visited and it seems that SPI is not yet supported. This reaffirms my theory that maxuino may not be the best solution to my needs, or that I would at least have to borrow/change a lot of code.

I hope that this is something that a member might be able to offer input on. I think it can be broken down in to a list of more basic questions. I will give it a shot:

Can max send serial messages to the Arduino in such a way that a serial device will receive it over SPI?

I am sure that it can, but that it would need code to listen for these changes and to apply them. This is a step up from just hacking a sketch with primitive C-skills, but hopefully I should be able to find examples if it has (is possible of being) done.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Here is the example code for the LED matrix that I have been working with: Sample Arduino Sketch

I don't understand what this is though, or where it belongs...: Sample Interface Code

There seems to be many different approaches to what I want to do but as a newb I am a bit overwhelmed. I think if the arduino was just a transparent medium that could be sent messages by max's serial object, then all I would need is a bit of code to interpret messages locally on the led unit itself. It seems like it shouldn't be a big deal but I am a bit overwhelmed. I will continue researching and experimenting but I would really value some input.

Alright. I am thinking out loud, but I think I am stepping in the right direction.

If my timeline is correct, people were using arduinos with max prior to maxuino and the firmata is just a way of getting people up-and-running. As such, it is an environment for immediately establishing connectivity for various common functionalities of the arduino: running sensors, and receiving data, and it seems that it does it via OSC.

For what I want to do, I need to run data through SPI, but I only need to update values to the LED via quickly updating messages. I feel like I am so close but I am not getting something.

I feel like rather than using the firmata, I should concentrate on adapting the (posted link) C sketch so that it responds dynamically to data that has been via max’s serial object.

What do you think? :-X