Sending commands to Arduino

I'm learning to do Arduino!

I've got as far as the '8-segment led' thing, and I can make it light up and cycle in a thrilling way.

But I want to be able to send a command from a PC serial monitor to make the Segment display what I want.

I can't find out how to do that.

Hope you can help?

The serial input basics tutorial is a good place to start.

Hope you can start supplying details.

At some point we will need to know more about the 7 segment thing.

I suggest that you read the how to use this forum-please read stickies to get an idea of the information that we need to know in order to provide assistance.

Thank you both,

I have no problem receiving information from the Arduino via a serial port, what I can't understand is how to SEND info.

For instance, how might I say 'when I send the code 'X' to the Arduino, please energise digital connector No 3'


For instance, how might I say 'when I send the code 'X' to the Arduino, please energise digital connector No 3'

Take a look at Serial input basics - updated

Thank you, I make have missed something, but I don't see how to send commands through the serial port which do stuff on the Arduino.

Did you read the topic linked in replies #1 and #5?

Yes, but I can't see how to send serial commands, I may have missed it

The serial monitor has a text entry pane at the top with a "send" control just to the right.

Or you can use a terminal emulator.

Thanks. No problem there. But what do i put in a 'sketch' and what do I write in the 'send' box to make things happen.

This is surely possible, I've been searching for days.

So, you can send text to the Arduino, and you can receive the text on the Arduino?

You've got that part working?

Thank you. I've no problem receiving, manipulating, understanding text and numbers.

But how do I SEND instructions? Say I want to - via a serial command - set digital 7 to 'on' - how do I do that?

I've no difficulty coding PC keystrokes into serial port commands, but I don't know what commands Arduino wants to receive in order to do things.

Somebody has done this, because they've made a video: Arduino - Displaying computer keystrokes on 7-segment displays - YouTube

You just invent your own simple command language syntax, appropriate for your application.

For example “H7” could set pin 7 HIGH
“L7” could set pin 7 LOW.

Thank you, can you give me an example of how to implement that? I can't find anything.

Doesn’t the serial input basics topic cover.this stuff?
Simple state machine stuff?

Can you help point me to this?


Example 5?

Thank you, but I'm afraid I don't see this? If I'm reading the right thing, it is 'Example 5 - Receiving and parsing several pieces of data'

I have no problem receiving data - I need to know how to SEND data and get it carry out instructions.

I do hope you can help

We seem to be going around in circles.

You SEND a command from the serial monitor.

You RECEIVE and INTERPRET the command on the Arduino.

This requires you to write software, possibly based on the serial input BASICS tutorial.