Sending *.csv file to an email Using Arduino Yun...

Good Day,

Is there a way for me to send an email with attachment that contains a *.csv file?
I want to use the Arduino Yun wifi connectivity for this and the *.csv data is stored on the SD card?

Thanks and Best Regards,

I would say conditionally yes.This thread may help you.

Isn't that the sort of thing that would be much easier with Python?

I would be very surprised if there are not 1000s of Python examples on the Web.


Hi Sir Robin2,

Thanks for the suggestion. Honestly speaking, I'm not familiar with the Python programming language yet, As in "zero" knowledge.

If that's the easiest way to do it, I'll take my time to study 1000's examples on Python that you mentioned.

But for now, I have on hand the Yun's OpenWRT console commands, Bridge library examples or any other way around inside Arduino Environment and asking for possibilities to do it alone with OpenWRT and the Arduino Environment.

Thanks and Best Regards, Leo