Sending CSV over FTP to remote server using W5500 ethernet shield and Mega 2560

I am trying to adopt the FTP example used here for my code: Arduino Playground - FTP
Ive got a 2560 R3 and a W5500 from Arduino.
I have a micro SD in the slot too,
Problem is when i try to run the code i get the error "SD open Fail" and "FTP Fail" for when typing 'f' in the terminal.

I can kinda expect the FTP error as I have the settings defaulted other than my own network settings.
Part of my question involves, how to upload to sites like Godaddy as opposed to just an IP address.

Ive downloaded the library for the W5500 and reference the Ethernet2.h library but to no avail.

Ideally id like to be able to point at a server such as and have the Arduino post the CSV there for processing by an ASP web app.

Anyone able to offer any assistance as its confusing me.
Thanks guys
Appreciate it

Typically, you upload to sites using HTTP, not FTP (unless the site supports it). If you are hitting your goDaddy folder through your browser, then it is HTTP or HTTPS.

The first step if to know what your destination site supports.

The second step is to get your arduino to use that.

Hello blh64,
I'm using, sorry i had the wrong service.
I use it as its so great for c# pages etc.
It does support FTP and it gives me the FTP details for each of my sites on there,
i get the URL, username and password.
I was wondering would it be possible to get the Arduino to log in there and have a sample file say "text.csv" appear in the directory? Then i could pick it up with an ASP or html/JS page and process it?

I am not sure about the code.
Is it possible to change from the 4 byte IP address to the full domain name including FTP folder of host? So for example, instead of id have ""?

Thanks for your help

If you google "hostname to IP address Arduino" you will get lots of information about how to use a hostname rather than an IP address to connect to your server. You can incorporate those into the FTP example sketch you have.

As for the subfolder, you may have to issue the change directory command to the server before you upload your file.

Maybe you can specify the path as part of the filename. I don't know.

Hello blh64,
Thanks for your suggestions.
I ended up using HTTP post to send the data to a URL which is picked up by an aspx page I am running which reads the query string and pulls the data to a xml.
thanks for your help with this.
Really appreciate it.