Sending data advice

I am building some sort of a weather forecast project. There is a microcontroller which should take data from the server, and from the room and print it on the screen. That part is ok. My idea is to have another one outside to collect outside data so i can print that on the same screen, too.

I am not sure how to made this and what approach to use.

-it will almost certainly run on 18650 battery (or two) with solar panel.
-it will send data and go to sleep
-it will run once in a few minutes (10min or so), because i want to check atmospheric pressure, so i can calculate if it gonna rain or not.

What to use?
-some of ESP series and send data to server via router. Router is close enough, and i can sent it back to my central unit and calculate and print values. Plus, i can use that data for some various things in the future
-328p and send it via nRF24L01+ radio. Distance between inner and outer unit won't be more then 8-10 meters. I have bad experience with reliability of this last one.

I am closest to ESP and BME280. But, i am open to all your advices.