Sending Data file from SD Card to Phone

Hey guys,
Im looking for a little assistance on a project im working on, basically what i want to do is record data on an sd card, (using Sparkfun openlog, which records the data in the form of entries on a text file it creates upon being powered up) and then send that text file to a phone using bluetooth.

Would anyone be able to recommend an arduino module (Xbee, adafruit bluefruit module etc) that would be able to accomplish this? In addition, would an app need to be created to recieve the file on the phone? this is not a problem, i could try to create an app if needed, since i want to create an app anyway to email the data file with the click of a button.

thank you all!

You might find the following background notes useful

With an Android phone, the cheapo HC-0x bluetooth module and the filedump programme included in the IDE are all you need, and you simply download to Bluetooth Terminal. I imagine there is already an app available for you to email the file.