Sending data from Arduino BLE to Raspberry Pi 2

I have an rpi2 with a serial/uart hm10 module connected to a ble relay board. They work fine together, the rpi2 does its thing during the day and sends the proper commands 2x a day by running a py script that does ser.write and

Now I want to connect an Arduino with BLE to the rpi2 as well. I want it to send data over to the rpi2 perhaps once or twice a day as well.

  1. Is it possible that the arduinoBLE will be able to connect to the rpi2 given that the ble-relay-board is already connected to the rpi2?

  2. If I run a script on the arduinoBLE like:

void setup() {
  Serial.begin(115200);  //initial the Serial
void loop() {
  if (Serial.available())  {
    Serial.write(someVariable);//send what has been received
    Serial.println();   //print line feed character

How would it show up on the rpi2?

  1. If I want to send data from the arduino to the rpi2, I would need to Discover/Pair my arduino ble to the rpi2's ble first using AT+CON[macOfMyArduinoBLE], right? If Im running a script in the Arduino IDE and Im using the Serial Monitor to send the ArduinoBLE AT commands (and its responding fine), how do I tell the ArduinoBLE to look for the rpi2 ble and connect to it? Or must I run that AT+CON command from the rpi2?